Around Görlitz: "Bläserfahrt", what's that?

A Brass Choir goes on tour - that is something quite different from the tour of a band or orchestra. The main idea is to bring joy to the people. In addition to that, there is a lot of fun and good training of the embouchure and sight reading. So how is a Bläserfahrt organized?

Every day we stay at a different village, all of them not far from Görlitz. At 9 am we arrive there. Until noon we play for the people to whom the local pastor leads us. We visit about 15 to 20 people and play there about 4 songs (chorals and folk songs) each. In the afternoon we look for a lake near by to go swimming and relaxe. If there'd be bad weather, we'd find alternatives. In the evening we play a musical service with changing topics every year.

The pastor organizes dinner, bed and breakfast (Vegetariens, please tell me before!). Over night we stay in host families or in the comunity rooms of the church with sleeping bags and sleeping mats.